Thursday, November 20, 2014

Portrait Sculpture of Basset Hound

Custom Desktop Sculpture of a Very Special Basset Dog

This is my first Basset dog portrait sculpture. I love depicting different breeds. It gives me a chance to do my research on their unique characteristics. Creating a dog portrait demands even more observation. Every dog is unique. 

Basset dog

This is Seymour. He was called a "Basset on Stilts"
Basset hounds have very short legs, but Seymour happened to stand taller than your average Basset.

I was commissioned to create a custom desktop portrait sculpture of Seymour the Basset that would honor his noble spirit and unique looks.

Custom Basset dog sculpture portrait by Lena Toritch
Basset Hound portrait sculpture. Clay model.
  I can't wait to see this sculpture cast in bronze. This unique dog portrait will be a fine addition to my custom dog bronzes portfolio. Visit my webpage Custom Bronze Dog Portrait Sculpture to see statues that represent different breeds: English Setter bronze, Belgian Malinois military dog, larger than life statue of Portuguese Water Dog , Bulldog mascot, bronze Pug portrait  and many others.

How to Order a custom bronze portrait sculpture of your dog, from a desktop size bronze to a life-size or larger: call Young Fine Art Studio (801)359-2451 or email for a free quote