Monday, January 7, 2013

Standard Poodle Sculpture

Spoo lovers, rejoice! You now have a beautiful figurine depicting a prancing, proud standard poodle in all its glory! This sculpture is approx. 9" tall x 9" wide. We are starting a limited edition production in bronze. As a matter of fact, a very limited edition of 100.
When it is sold out, you will not be able to find it anywhere else :)

The sculpture was reviewed and approved by poodle experts.

The sculpture will be signed by me and numbered. We are planning to offer a variety of bronze color finish: traditional bronze, black, reddish brown, golden brown...

Please e-mail us  or call 801-359-2451 to pre-order at a special price of $500

Standard Poodle desktop sculpture by Lena Toritch
"Spoo" Standard Poodle sculpture by Lena Toritch. Main view
Standard poodle dog figurine by Lena Toritch
"Spoo" Poodle sculpture by Lena Toritch. 
dog poodle sculpture
"Spoo" Standard Poodle sculpture by Lena Toritch. 
dog poodle figurine
"Spoo" Standard Poodle sculpture by Lena Toritch

If you are interested in a life-size bronze Standard Poodle..take a look at this bronze portrait of Gifford: 

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