Saturday, May 19, 2012

Unique Sculpture Decor For Private Residence

Custom Made Decor. Flower Relief Large Wall Plaque.

I enjoy creating one of a kind architectural elements and sculpture decor for private residences and luxury interiors. I work with interior decorators to match my sculpture with the client's vision of a perfect space.
This is an example of a custom made beautiful relief plaque for a private residence in Salt Lake City. My client showed me photographs of a flower, a few pictures from a catalog and asked to bring them all together for an unforgettable visual accent for their fireplace. I had so much fun creating this piece! Let me design something very special for your beautiful home. Call the studio (801)359-2451
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Monday, May 14, 2012

Video of Unique Portrait Likeness

Capturing The Likeness In Custom Bronze Portrait Statues 

Very often I am asked how well I can capture the likeness in my custom made bronze portrait statues. I used to show photos, references and articles. We now have  a new video showing likenesses side by side and feedback from my clients. Picture worth a thousand words, a video-a few thousand..

For a free quote or information on how to order a custom portrait statue, call Young Fine Art Studio (801)359-2451 or email me.