Sunday, January 29, 2012

Portrait Statue of Monty, the Therapy Dog

Portrait Sculpture of Monty

Finally, therapy dogs got recognition they deserve...This is a portrait statue of Monty, a therapy dog from Buffalo, NY. This dog new how to help sick people forget about their pain and fears, even just for a moment.

Monty visited patients at Roswell Park Cancer Institute in Buffalo NY. Everybody knew and loved Monty, an English setter who looked like a little cuddly polar bear, with his long flocks of soft hair. Monty used to stand quietly, waiting for children and other patients to come closer and pet him. He instinctively knew that he must be very gentle and calm.

The bronze likeness of Monty will be installed in the park, close by Roswell Park Cancer Institute, symbolizing all therapy dogs, who serve and heal.

Below is a link to a news story about Monty statue, as it aired on Fox 13 News on January 28, 2012:

More images of bronze portrait statue of Monty the Therapy Dog on my new website :

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