Sunday, December 16, 2012

Life-Size Children Statues,Children Memorials and Children's Bronze Portraits

Custom Bronze Portrait Statues & Bronze Sculptures of Children That Will Melt Your Heart

I have always loved sculpting children. Most of the time I create custom children's bronze portraits as a surprise gift to their Mom, or a unique sculpture centerpiece for a garden.
three boys and dog custom bronze sculpture by Lena Toritch
Triple Trouble life-size bronze 
Depicting their animated faces and innocent gestures make custom bronze statues unique .

Custom bronze portrait statue of your child could be a precious gift. Call me at Young Fine Art Studio (801)359-2451 or email me with any questions on statue ordering process.
More examples of my custom statues: Custom Bronze Statues And Portraits

custom bronze portriat children statue by Lena Toritch
"Sisters" bronze portrait sculpture by Lena Toritch
But once in a while, my heart gets broken when I am asked to depict delicate features of a precious little angel who is no longer with us. I want to believe that my artwork brings closure to grieving parents and becomes a life-affirming statement.
angel and child custom bronze memorial statue by Lena Toritch
"Erica's Angel"bronze memorial statue
Please see examples of the portrait likeness in my statues. For more examples of my portrait and memorial statues please visit:

Friday, July 20, 2012

Bronze Portrait Statue of Therapy Dog Unveiled

Monty the Therapy Dog is Back At Roswell Park

My new bronze dog portrait statue of Monty the therapy dog was unveiled at Roswell Park Cancer Institute  in Buffalo, NY on July 17, 2012
Watch Fox 13 news story about the dedication:

custom bronze dog portrait statue by dog sculptor Lena Toritch
Larger than life bronze dog portrait of Monty was installed on a fine black granite

custom dog bronze portrait statue by dog sculptor Lena Toritch
Close up detail of the bronze portrait statue of Monty
The statue is placed by the entrance to RPCI, at  the garden, where everyone can see and interact with bronze Monty.

I sculpted Monty standing quietly, waiting for people to approach him, just like he did in real life.

Here's a nice article by Anne Neville about the dedication, published in Buffalo news:

Monty custom dog bronze portrait statue by dog sculptor Lena Toritch
Bronze dog statue of Monty
The placement was chosen to make it easy for wheelchairs to access the statue. The bronze is designed to be interactive and will welcome visitors and patients to pet Monty and rub his nose for good luck. 

I was invited to the dedication and had a chance to meet wonderful people who work at RPCI and a few special dogs, who continue Monty's noble task of healing and helping people.

Therapy dogs posing with bronze dog statue by dog sculptor Lena Toritch
So many beautiful dogs! They are all smiling..

Bronze dog sculptor Lena Toritch with custom bronze dog portrait statue
Renown Dog Sculptor Lena Toritch with her larger than life bronze dog Monty

Watch a news story by CW23 in Buffalo :

Saturday, May 19, 2012

Unique Sculpture Decor For Private Residence

Custom Made Decor. Flower Relief Large Wall Plaque.

I enjoy creating one of a kind architectural elements and sculpture decor for private residences and luxury interiors. I work with interior decorators to match my sculpture with the client's vision of a perfect space.
This is an example of a custom made beautiful relief plaque for a private residence in Salt Lake City. My client showed me photographs of a flower, a few pictures from a catalog and asked to bring them all together for an unforgettable visual accent for their fireplace. I had so much fun creating this piece! Let me design something very special for your beautiful home. Call the studio (801)359-2451
or email me for a free quote

Monday, May 14, 2012

Video of Unique Portrait Likeness

Capturing The Likeness In Custom Bronze Portrait Statues 

Very often I am asked how well I can capture the likeness in my custom made bronze portrait statues. I used to show photos, references and articles. We now have  a new video showing likenesses side by side and feedback from my clients. Picture worth a thousand words, a video-a few thousand..

For a free quote or information on how to order a custom portrait statue, call Young Fine Art Studio (801)359-2451 or email me.

Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Bronze Portrait of Tigo the Dog


Portuguese water dog bronze portrait statue by Lena Toritch

As you probably noticed, I love dogs...Anything about dogs makes me happy: playing with them, taking them for a walk and, of course, sculpting their portraits.

This is one of my favorite statues-beautiful Portuguese Water Dog Tigo.

Custom bronze dog portrait|portuguese water dog by Lena Toritch
The most important and challenging part was depicting Tigo's intelligent eyes. But I did it!
My client was very pleased with the likeness. I got an e-mail from her saying:

And yes, she wrote it all in caps. :)
I am so grateful to be able to create this special statue.

To see more examples of my dog statues at a glance visit :
Custom Bronze Dog Statues and Dog Portraits by Lena Toritch

How to order a custom bronze portrait statue of your dog:
Call Young Fine Art Studio (801)359-2451 or email me for a free quote. Visit my website for more examples of made to order bronze statues and bronze portraits 

Sunday, January 29, 2012

Portrait Statue of Monty, the Therapy Dog

Portrait Sculpture of Monty

Finally, therapy dogs got recognition they deserve...This is a portrait statue of Monty, a therapy dog from Buffalo, NY. This dog new how to help sick people forget about their pain and fears, even just for a moment.

Monty visited patients at Roswell Park Cancer Institute in Buffalo NY. Everybody knew and loved Monty, an English setter who looked like a little cuddly polar bear, with his long flocks of soft hair. Monty used to stand quietly, waiting for children and other patients to come closer and pet him. He instinctively knew that he must be very gentle and calm.

The bronze likeness of Monty will be installed in the park, close by Roswell Park Cancer Institute, symbolizing all therapy dogs, who serve and heal.

Below is a link to a news story about Monty statue, as it aired on Fox 13 News on January 28, 2012:

More images of bronze portrait statue of Monty the Therapy Dog on my new website :

Saturday, January 21, 2012

My Dog Statues in the News

Are you ready for more dogs? I hope you are. My studio is a "Kennel of Clay", according to KSL TV Channel 5 journalist Jed Boal. :) Every one of these statues has a story to tell, but we decided to focus on just one of them, a story of Lampo, the traveling dog from Italy.

Clay model of Lampo the Traveling Dog portrait statue by Lena Toritch
"Lampo" clay statue

Watch the news video as it was aired on January 20 2012 :

‘Kennel of clay' takes shape inside Salt Lake art studio |