Friday, May 20, 2011

Wild Cat Bronze Installed

The bronze Wild Cat mascot statue for SUNY Institute of Technology has been installed.
This powerful and majestic feline will be a "good luck charm" and a recognizable symbol at the campus.

The Cat is mounted on a natural rock and will have great views from every angle. The cat is quite large and definitely has intimidating presence to him... Watch out! The claws are long..

It was so much fun working on this statue. I always loved sculpting animals and this statue let me get in touch with my wild side :)

P.S. Oh, by the way, these photos are courtesy of SUNY IT in Utica , NY...Thank you!


  1. Lena -
    What a wonderful blog you run! As ou know I have a few blogs on blogger too, but not as pretty as you have! (check my personal one or funny one:

    And the Cat is serious, I like that!

    Good luck with blogging!


  2. Thank you, Igor,
    Let me know when you need a big statue made. :)