Thursday, January 20, 2011

Bronze Statue of Hercules the Dog

The statue of a noble Hercules the Dog is finished in bronze.I took these pictures at the foundry, I couldn't wait until it is installed properly. The detail and patina looks so good in the sun..I believe this statue will have a very comforting and uplifting feel.
It will be installed in the private garden, where Hercules's spirit still lingers.

There will be a special plaque, describing a beloved family companion.

Bronze Hercules will keep his faithful watch over his family, with a serene eternal smile.

Monday, January 10, 2011

Animal Art and Dog Sculpture Video

We put together a new video featuring animal art and dog portraits. It seems like I have been sculpting dog non-stop for a past couple of years... big dogs, small dogs, dogs that brighten lives of their owners and dogs that serve and protect.. all of them deserve to be depicted in bronze.

Animal art has always been very special to me. I thought that creating a video about my animal bronzes would be a right thing to do. My very special thanks to an incredibly talented video producer Mikhail Torich and to my dear friend, voice over artist Barbara Dunlea, for letting us use her beautiful voice.