Monday, November 7, 2016

Sgt.Dan Brown Bronze Monument Dedication

Sgt. Dan Brown Idaho Fallen Soldiers Memorial Dedication
 Saturday, November 12 at 11:00am
Gayle Forsyth Memorial Park
N 100 E, Jerome, Idaho 83338

The Sgt. Dan Brown Idaho Fallen Soldier Memorial will be dedicated in Jerome, Idaho during a ceremony to honor the service and sacrifice of Idaho Soldiers killed while serving in Afghanistan and Iraq. Renown portrait artist Lena Toritch was commissioned to create the heroic size bronze monument of Sgt. Dan Brown which is the centerpiece of the Memorial. The bronze statue shows the humanitarian side of soldiering. It depicts Sgt. Brown reaching out to an Iraqi child. Nearby is a wall that displays the names of Idaho’s 68 soldiers killed in Operation Iraqi Freedom and Operation Enduring Freedom.

Heroic size portrait statue of Sgt.Dan Brown at Young Fine Art Studio
The Brown family with Dan statue

 The statue was commissioned by Becky and Jerry Brown. The Memorial is in a busy community park, the Gayle Forsyth Memorial Park, where people will, for years to come, see it and be reminded of the immeasurable service of our military families.

For more heroic size statues by Toritch visit:

The dedication ceremony will include military taps, an honor guard and messages from state, local and military officials. The artist, Lena Toritch will also speak. The public is welcome to attend the event at 11:00am.

Sgt.Dan story was featured on the TODAY Show

Saturday, October 10, 2015

Military Dog Bronze Statue Unveiled at Camp Lejeune

Cpl. David M. Sonka Honored

On September 7, 2015 the command's Multi-Purpose Canine kennel was renamed in honor of Cpl. David Sonka.
"Sonka, a multi-purpose canine handler attached to 2nd Marine Special Operations Battalion. Sonka, 23, and Staff Sgt. Eric Christian, 39, were killed May 4, 2013, in Farah province, Afghanistan, in an insider attack when an Afghan soldier turned his weapon on the Marines. Sonka's working dog, Flex, was also killed in the attack, reportedly in an attempt to save the Marines." 
(quote from MarineCorpsTimes )

The life-size bronze statue of a Special Operations K9 depicts an alert multi-purpose canine, just like Cpl. Sonka's K9 partner Flex, who is ready to jump into action.

Military dog bronze statue by Lena Toritch at Camp Lejeune
New life-size bronze statue of a Special Operations K9 graces the entrance. Photo by Glenn Beine.

The dedication ceremony was featured in the news and media.
Article from K9 Cop Magazine:

K9 Cop Magazine article on Cpl. David Sonka Multi Purpose Canine Facility dedication
K-9 Cop Magazine

Military dogs have a special place in my heart. Every statue I create depicts bravery, loyalty and spirit of these four-legged heroes. It was my honor to create this bronze statue.

Military dog bronze statue by Lena Toritch at Camp Lejeune
Bronze statue of a Marines Special Operations Command K9 by Lena Toritch. Photo courtesy of  Combat Canines
 More photos of my military K9 statues : Military and Service Dog Statues by Lena Toritch

Monday, March 23, 2015

Sgt.Dan Brown Statue on Today Show. NBC's Gabe Gutierrez Reports

The Heart of a Soldier.

This new military portrait statue is nothing like any other soldier memorials. A young soldier with a generous smile reaches out to a local kid in a midst of a war torn country... he is making friends with a child, showing that he came in peace.

This statue was inspired by a touching story that I heard from the family of Sgt.Dan Brown.

More information on Dan and photos of his statue: Sgt.Dan Brown Portrait Statue
Call Young Fine Art Studio 801-359-2451 or send me an email with any questions about ordering a custom military statue to honor your local hero.

Watch NBC's News Correspondent Gabe Gutierrez report:

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Monday, January 26, 2015

Ralphy the Shi-Tzu-Pomeranian Mix Dog Bronze Portrait

Mixed Breed Doggy That Will Make you Smile...

When a dog is a mixed breed, you get the best of both worlds, and still it is a surprise.
This cute little gentleman is Ralphy, a Shi-Tzu-Pomeranian mix dog.

 I can tell you that he has the most adorable face I've ever seen.

Bronze dog portrait Shi-tzu-Pomeranian mix dog
Ralphy the Dog Bronze shows him with his favorite toy

The statue accurately depicts Ralphy's unique markings- a rusty color mustache and a narrow stripe on his chest.

Bronze Ralphy was shipped to Australia.
This original bronze portrait sculpture was created as a surprise Christmas gift.

It is good to know that the Australians love their dogs as much as we do here in the US.

Thursday, November 20, 2014

Portrait Sculpture of Basset Hound

Custom Desktop Sculpture of a Very Special Basset Dog

This is my first Basset dog portrait sculpture. I love depicting different breeds. It gives me a chance to do my research on their unique characteristics. Creating a dog portrait demands even more observation. Every dog is unique. 

Basset dog

This is Seymour. He was called a "Basset on Stilts"
Basset hounds have very short legs, but Seymour happened to stand taller than your average Basset.

I was commissioned to create a custom desktop portrait sculpture of Seymour the Basset that would honor his noble spirit and unique looks.

Custom Basset dog sculpture portrait by Lena Toritch
Basset Hound portrait sculpture. Clay model.
  I can't wait to see this sculpture cast in bronze. This unique dog portrait will be a fine addition to my custom dog bronzes portfolio. Visit my webpage Custom Bronze Dog Portrait Sculpture to see statues that represent different breeds: English Setter bronze, Belgian Malinois military dog, larger than life statue of Portuguese Water Dog , Bulldog mascot, bronze Pug portrait  and many others.

How to Order a custom bronze portrait sculpture of your dog, from a desktop size bronze to a life-size or larger: call Young Fine Art Studio (801)359-2451 or email for a free quote

Tuesday, October 14, 2014

Carl Rehnborg Bronze Portrait Statue Unveiled

Carl Rehnborg, The Founder of Nutrilite, Commemorated in Bronze.

   When you visit Southern California, stop by the New Nutrilite Center For Optimal Health in Buena Park. Nutrilite's founder and visionary Carl Rehnborg will greet you by the entrance, sitting under a pepper tree...well, not Carl himself, but his bronze portrait sculpture. You will love this photo opportunity.This life-size custom bronze portrait statue was designed to be interactive, so have a sit and connect to the spirit and character of this inspirational man.

Sculptor Lena Toritch posing with custom bronze portrait statue
Lena Toritch is very happy with her new bronze portrait statue..

The brand new Nutrilite Center has a state of the art interactive display that worth a special visit.
I really enjoyed working on this statue project. In my research a read Carl's biography and become fascinated with his energy, personality and youthful spirit.

Visit my website to see more images of the statue. I have included a "pepper tree story" that will explain why we chose to place this statue under the tree. 

The website also has information on How to Order a custom life-size bronze portrait statue. 

Wednesday, July 17, 2013

SOF K9 Memorial Statue

  Bronze Military Dog Statue Of A Special Operations K9 Soldier

 I have finished my new bronze dog statue-a Special Operations Force K9. The statue depicts  Belgian Malinois wearing full tactical gear..The dog is shown waiting for his handler, alert, energetic but sitting patiently as well trained dogs are.

This K9 memorial statue is cast in bronze and will be dedicated on July 27 at the Airborne and Special Operations Museum in Fayetteville, North Carolina. I can't post photos of the bronze yet, but I can let you peek into my studio, were I spent many hours researching and getting to know these incredible "super dogs"

Post update: See photos of the new SOF K9 Memorial Bronze Statue on my website:

Lena Toritch Master Sculptor. Creating SOF K9 Memorial Statue from Young Fine Art Studio, Inc on Vimeo.

For more information on the statue unveiling and for directions to the Museum please visit SOFK9 Memorial website

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